Being open to the world. 언어

I visited a chinese web site., which should be quite popular among chinese. I wanted to peek into this new and vast culture and see what its people are thinking. The internet is a great tool to taste foreign culture. It's cheap and updated. However, if I don't understand the language, it's of no use.

This impressive-looking is a Rosetta stone for me. Though I'm learning the language , I'm very novice. The grammar is still elusive and my vocabulary is scant. One look at its first page is sufficient to draw my full attention. CHINA IS INTERESTING. I MUST KNOW MORE ABOUT IT. I'M CURIOUS. I'M EAGER TO FEEL, TASTE, AND SMELL THE RAW CHINESENESS.

But the barrier is still there, standing high, like the Great Wall. I will learn the language. I need more investment on the culture. It's worth.

At the same time, I realized that to the people outside my own barrier, Korean Language, my blog, which was almost always written in Korean, has been so unkind. I also want to communicate with people from other culture. I want comments in English, Japnese and Chinese. I would love to exchange thought with a culture of opposite side.

That's why I'm writing in English, though I really fear of beingn incorrect.

I want to BE READ by more people.


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